Conor Maynard!

Tiba tiba kemaren gue dapet mention kayak gini:

Gue kira itu link apa. Ternyata itu video seseorang yang bernama Conor Maynard. Gue gak tau deh dia asal mana. Tapi yang jelas suaranya bikin adem bangeeeettt!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa tentram gitu u.u

Penasaran? Check this out! Covering Price Tag from Jessie J.

 Covering Chris Brown feat Justin Bieber - Next to You

One more! Covering Katy Perry - E.T

And guess what? Seperti nya gue suka suara dia!! I have replayed his covered song, price tag, 13 times and never get bored B)

Click one/all of these links to know about him!

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